Sunday, January 28, 2007

More Books

Eldest daughter and BF came to visit for an overnight yesterday, I ran off to the grocery store to pick up a few items for breakfast....well, Barnes and Noble is across the street and I *really* needed a Latte.... 30 minutes later I come out with Latte AND three books. What is so bad about that ??? I have 3 sitting on my night table waiting to be read I don't *need* anymore right now. I promised myself to finish reading what I have on hand first. Oh well, now I have 6 to choose which to read next??? I am thinking Alexandra Fuller's Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight will be next up, I have heard it has gotten very good reviews.

Second FO of 2007

I am trying very hard to stick to my New Year's resolution to finish all things not this year.

First of two successes , I give you my second completed object of 2007. It is Li's Herringbone Rib Scarf, such a fun knit and ask her pretty-please on her blog and you too will have the directions to knit this nice scarf. I used 100purewool ( from e-bay ) in red/blue colorway...the left side of the photo shows the right side and the right side of the photo is the reverse side.
I am already thinking of what in my stash to use for another.
Next up is the scarf that I made for The Red Scarf Project ready to be mailed. I hope it is enjoyed and will keep someone warm this winter.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

ANDREAS HELGSTRAND - WEG2006 Freestyle Final

Even if you are not a *horsey-person*, you have to admire the magnificent performance of this mare...absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good Reads !!

I managed to get some enjoyable reading in in 2006
Here is a list from 2006 that I've read:
The Tipping Point, Gladwell
Freakonomics, Levitt/Dubner
For One More Day, Albon
Benjamin Franklin, Morgan
The Audacity Of Hope, Obama
Our Endangered Values, J. Carter
East of Eden, Steinbeck
SnowFlower & The Secret Fan, L.See
Sword & Blossom, Pagnamenta/Williams
From Baghdad With Love, Kopelman
The Kite Runner, Hosseini

I have finished
The Dogs of Bedlam Farm ,Jon Katz
and also
A Good Dog ( the story of Orsen, who changed my life ) , Jon Katz

I had an interest in these as I am involved with dogs and any good dog story will pique my interest, but moreso with these as Jon Katz lives in West Hebron, N.Y. and it is fun to read about *local* people/places. West Hebron is where we will be retiring soon and we now spend as much time there as we have since I was about 10 years old.
The Dogs of Bedlam Farm details Katz's move and lifestyle change when he left N.J. to live in West Hebron and his tales begin with Orsen, his Border Collie.
Some other of his books include: Geeks, The Last Housewife, Death Row, Running To The Mountain ( again about West Hebron),Media Rants and more that I can't think of right now.

Okay, so life's been very busy lately. So sorry to anyone who reads these posts-most likely no one anymore as I haven't been here in so long.
My knitting seems not to be going anywhere, I sit down at night to knit and fall asleep with needles in hand...I am really getting tired of being tired all of the time. But I do have images of sweaters, shawls , scarves, hats, and sugarplums dancing in my head!
My goal this year is to tackles socks!! I have always wanted to knit socks but have been afraid to try, maybe a class will be in order this year ( if I can find some ).
So many patterns have caught my eye lately that my head is spinning, I want to do them all but with my schedule I am afraid I am going to have to curtail myself. I have counted at least 10 projects on-needles here that I am determined to FINISH this year --that is my second goal. Okay, so I have given myself 2 goals for the new year and I am hoping to make it.
My first finished object of 2007 is the Noro Hat to go with my Wavy Scarf.
Tonight I think I will work more on Cozy as I am hoping to finish that sooner than later.....No sleeping....