Sunday, April 29, 2007

Perchlorate in our food supply???

GMA:Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Food
Now this is some seriously scary stuff !!

Click on link, unfortunately there is a short ad I could not delete.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The weather has been wonderful here the last 2 days. The rains are gone and the sun is out and it's about 75. Yesterday, I managed to get my Angora Rabbits cut down and have to decide if I am going to send out the angora to be spun or if I will just chuck-it.
Like my present to myself??? I went out and got a 32" LCD-HD television, I just don't know how we lived without it....what a difference in the picture. We have it set up on our sun-porch for the summer & will move it into the family room when summer is over. I do feel a bit guilty as I do have daughter's wedding to pay for.....

Ripple update

I have been working on my 3 ( yes, 3) Ripples. The Brite one has caught my full attention right now, so that is progressing along well. The wedding Ripple for daughter #2 has not been moving quickly...but, I do have until the 18th of August to finish it. I am having fun with this as I have not crocheted in a long time.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter At Sandy & Dave's

Gosh, so much about my youngest daughter reminds me of my sister.

Happy Easter from Ours to Yours

Sandy, Dave & Owen.
Other photo is Owen, Brian, Amanda and myself

The Ripple is Growing

It is about 58" wide and 13" long right now....only about 70" more to go ;) I am escaping to the lake for 4 days of R&R and hope to have alot of progress to post when I return.
On other fronts my ISE 4 Scarf is complete but alas, I cannot post any photos as my Secret Pal knows who I am...Geez, I am such a dork...