Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saturday Sky ( on Sunday with Dog )

Took the day off and trained my dog, I love being out in the fields!!
Happy New Year to everyone and be safe.
Promise, promise I will have knitting content next sadly has been on hold for the last few days...

Monday, December 25, 2006

Friday, December 22, 2006

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy

I have always loved this. Such a great mix of old and new.Thought I'd share.

Knitting update

Not too much knitting haas been done lately. I spent a week at the lake visiting my father so, I have gotten behind on my Holiday preperations.... ( phew...) . But things are getting in order now.
Daughter Amanda came over one day and wrapped all my gifts for me...Thanks Amanda!!

Li's scarf is slowly coming along, I love this pattern!!

Daughter's good friend is having a baby in April so I have begun a blanket for the upcoming baby girl. I am doing it in a simple basket weave pattern in Plymouth's Encore, this is about the only acrylic that I enjoy working with...I'll post more updates on knitting after Christmas!!

"... A few of My Favorite Things..."

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Christmas card to all my cyber-friends!!

For the story about the wreaths please link here. Hope you enjoy it.

A Christmas conversation with my 4 yr. old grandson

" So, Owen, did Mommy take your picture with Santa this year?"
" No, Oma, because he was wearing his know I don't like costumes. I don't like Chucky Cheese or Clowns either. If he wasn't wearing his costume I would have."
" Have you been good this year so Santa will come to your house?"
" I think I've been very good & I think Santa will think I was too."
" I know you have been good, so I think you've got nothing to worry about."
" Oma, I don't think reindeer can fly"
" If they can't fly how do you think they get to all those houses around the world in one night??"
" Sorry, but I think they can't fly"
" Hmmm..."
Long pause....
" I think they run ,Oma"
" Hmmm, I don't know how they can make all those stops from the ground, Owen!"
Another long pause...
" Well. I still think they can't fly and they run..... ( pause ) but I think they run at warp speed . "
" aye.aye Captain Kirk!!!! Love you Owen !!"
Under his breath as he walks away from me... " I sure hope he doesn't wear his costume to my house..."

Sunday, December 03, 2006

This is the newest scarf I am working on. I am thinking that this will be scarf #2 for the Red-Scarf Project --see the side bar for a link to Red Scarf.
I am working with a yarn I got from e-bay last year called 100purewool...seems to be same as Malabrigo. The color is a simple name "Red-Blue". So very soft....
Okay, the pattern is one I found via another knitting blog, it is called Li's Reversible Herringbone Rib Scarf and if you ask her 'pretty please' she will sent you her pattern. You can link it it here. All you knitting bloggers are great, I have gotten so much information and inspiration from you all!!! I add new blogs to my read-list almost everyday.

Wavy !!!!!!

WAVY, she za done !! Many kudos to my model, Lola. ( must you make me pose...I'd better be getting a cookie outa this ).

Wavy ----from
Noro Kureyon # 70--4 skeins
Needle size--7
began--Oct. 29 '06
complete--12. 3 '06
worked on for about 1 hour every other day.

Saturday sky and Sunday sunset...both viewed from my front porch.