Thursday, July 19, 2007

High stress level--rant!

Man, things are so crazy here....As I mentioned before we are planning a move in the upcoming future. I have a business on our property so selling the complete package is a totally different experience than just selling a home. We will be selling through a kennel/horse farm broker. I have been told -thru the grapevine - to expect at least a 2year wait to sell. So, this past week I have interviewed various kennel brokers and have decided on one that I felt appropriate for our needs. I Flickr'ed her a set of 43 photos of home, interior exterior, kennel interior exterior, filled out a marketing sheet, got together my Schedule C's for the past 3 years, yada yada yada. After she reviewed everything she told me expect to be out by January. Whoa, wait a minute!!! No can do. We have to build the new house......stress..... Husband is leaving his job next Friday, has 6 weeks vacation, then will find out in September what his pension will be, in which case, if he decides to take his pension he cannot work in his field for 6 months. Fine. That will give him time to build. September he has a meeting with his company boss to see if he wants to continue full time or cut back to a 3 or 4 week schedule and , of course, prices will be discussed.Great, his decision. Personally, knowing him ,I think he will continue on in one form or another. So, the decision was made that we will build our barn first, in case we need to get out and store our belongings until the house is complete. We made the decision that we will not market the kennel and home until Nov. 1st knowing that the winter market in NY is slow....Broker says that will work and expect to be out by July but ya never know may be a year... maybe March......still stress.
Along with that I took a gamble this summer ( our busiest season ) that my kennel helper, who has been with me all through her graduate school, will not get her *real* job until September....WRONG, she is leaving this Friday....stress..... Now I will be working 7 days a week for the rest of the summer....stress.... Husband had Dr. check up yesterday and his usually low blood pressure is now high!!!....stress.... could it be that he is stressed also???? Man, such life changes.... I am sure hoping that this year will be the last Thanksgiving/ Christmas I will have to work....I am soooo ready to not work anymore.
Also have daughter's wedding this August which is turning out a little fancier that I was hoping...stress....was hoping to lose those 20 lbs. that I put on over the winter before the way!!!! I still do not have a dress and no time whatsoever to shop...stress....Oh no, who is going to work the afternoon of daughter's wedding since my helper is gone...stress...
A few quick phone calls by my manager to a girl who worked for us through high school and college ,but did not this summer, and she agreed to come in that afternoon as a favor...Yeah!!!
Husband & I unfortunately are pack-rats and we have so much sh*t to go through it will take a year and right now I have no time to do....stress ...Talking with broker she suggested that we live sparsely and pack into boxes BEFORE November everything and anything that we do not use on a daily basis.....yeah, right, do you know that I have enough yarn to fill an entire bedroom and I'm NOT parting with it. Please give me more hours in the day. Our next step is to have a *mixed property* appraisal done which usually is value of building/property plus one years business gross....more stress.
With all this my Lupus has reared it's ugly head ( gee, wonder why ) so I am having much trouble moving no less working and packing, along with that( and the 20 lbs. I desire to rid myself of) my steroids had to be increased soooo puffiness will be following shortly.... egad anything for the quiet life right now.

On a brighter note my eldest daughter finished grad school this spring ( MPA ) and has been sending out resumes right and left. Yesterday she had 2 interviews and the one looks promising and she is very excited about it. The job was not advertised yet and they contacted her, it is for a Playhouse in Connecticut ( where she lives ) if she gets the position she would be Executive Director of the Playhouse, running the place and doing Grant Writing...they talked with her for an hour and a half and she thinks it is really a great place (albeit it does not pay much ) They will contact her in 3 weeks. Daughter interned with the Red Cross and the person interviewing her used to work there and is friends with her direct boss at the internship, they already checked her out before she went for the interview. I am really hoping she gets it.
So, that's the story, and now I must get off here as I have about 2 months of bookkeeping to catch up on.
Later all!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finis !

Here is a photo of the finished Granny afghan that I made for my daughter and her future husband!
It seemed to take forever and was getting quite *warm* to work on in these hot summer months.
I am pleased with it and also VERY glad to have it finished!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Stick a Fork in Him........

He is done!!!!
May I present Champion TRK 'N Stylebrites Yours Truly also know as Jeter or affectionately called "G-Man".

A belated Happy 4th!

All I have to say is that at times my husband is nuts!!
I know I am so far behind on my blog, but we are in the midst of our busy season work-wise and I have been on the run 7 days a week. Husband is gearing down and the 27th is his last day of working ( well, semi...I just cannot imagine him not working at all he has a type A personality ). Next up is to get all this we have here ready to go on the market & start building the *new* home. We have the plans chosen, a early new england cape. Those of you who know me personally if you'd like to see a link to the house e-mail me.
I know also that I have been tagged twice, please be patient with me I will get around to it. Must rush off to work now. Give me a few days to catch my breath and I will post lots of knitting/crochet that I have ready to post.....