Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Wedding!!!

Sandy setting up for the wedding

Little did Sandy know that about 3 hours later a 10 minute T'storm with 60 mph winds would blow everything down!! She stood in horror as she watched the tent rise up in the air and land by the corn field!! But *The Men*, devoted as they are, worked till the wee hours of the morning re-setting up the tent and displays to calm the hysterical bride!!
All ended up well, we had a good time -even Phil-and I had hardly any time to snap digitals...hoping I get some from friends as I don't want to wait for the professional to get here.

The photos of Dave dressing Owen were not staged by the photograher we just happened to catch them ( of course then we called the photographer up ). That was the end of the dry eyes...myself and the bridesmaids were wiping tears after that!!