Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Euroflax Linen, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways

UGH!!! I have had this Euro Flax Linen in my stash that I have been longing to use. I have also been longing to try the Mason Dixon handtowels...so what better way than to join the Euro swap exchange!! I happily cast on for the Moss Grid hand towel that is Mason Dixon..happy dance. Well it is stiff but I know it will soften.
Boy #5's just don't cut it...so rip it back & try again. Hmmm, looks better with #4's but these blasted bamboo needles are difficult, just don't like the stitch definition. RIP again...try my Knit Pick interchangables...great...ooops mistake...RIP again. By this time I am sick of the Moss Grid pattern so I cast on for the Chevron Stripes....hmmm change of scenery...nice....hmmm pattern doesn't seem to be working correctly. RIP, cast on again...hmmm, correct # of stitches still not right. RIP...DUH, maybe I should check with computer, maybe there is ERRATA....YEA there is!!!! Cast on AGAIN!! Hmmm....I still am not getting a full set of repeats by the time the end of the row comes along before the last K5... but I do have the correct 87 stitches.
Anyways I am off of work today so I am going to try another repeat row and hopefully I will not be RIPPING again.
If there are any knitters out there who read this blog I will gladly appreciate any and ALL input....But never fear dear secret swap pal you WILL get your towel by the deadline...I just may not have any hair left on my head!

Friday, August 25, 2006

"Sometimes there isn't anymore"

I have been very lazy about posting lately as it is my busy time of year at work, and frankly I am exhausted by the time I get home from work. But I feel compelled today...
My nephew had posted on his blog today & it was something that struck a cord with me. I will quote it partially, "...the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more. Sometimes what we care about the most gets all used up and goes away...never to return. So... while we have it...it's best we love it... and care for it ...and fix it when it's broken... and heal it when it's sick. "
Powerful words, these can apply to anything, the world we live in,loved ones, people we have a hard time getting along with, a jar of mayonaise ( well, maybe not mayo ) !! Naturally I think of my Mother & Sister & my husband's good friend who we lost in 9/11.
It also brings to mind a trip we made to Lancaster, Pa shortly after 9/11. We had stopped by a Mennonite woman's house as she had a Quilts For Sale sign outside...there was no way I was going home without a traditional quilt. She was a friendly woman and I commented to her that her flower garden was gorgeous! She went on the explain to me that they believe that they do not *own* the land they live on, just *rent* it from God and it is their JOB to keep it beautiful and fruitful so as it will not be 'all used up ' but rather kept in pristine condition for the next *renters* to come along.
Well, I think that I am very tired now and not making very much sense...but I still think about that old Mennonite woman and her words, sometimes I can see her face & I wonder if she is still enjoying her flowers like I did that day. I also wonder if she even knows how important those words she said were to me , part of me hopes she did!
Yup, Brian, somethings we keep because they are worth it 'cuz maybe someday there just isn't anymore !

Friday, August 11, 2006

Along with everything else I do in my crazy life I breed Angora and MiniRex rabbits.
Three weeks ago we had a litter of baby Rex, just thought everyone would enjoy a photo of one of the babies, they are just so cute at this age.

Yesterday I was e-mailed on who my Mason Dixon exchange partner would be. This was so exciting now I can finally begin work on the towels I have been wanted to start!! DH just doesn't understand...he wants to know why I would knit something for someone I do not know and then have someone else I do not know send me the same thing as what I sent to someone else...wouldn't it be easier just to knit it and keep it for myself and save the postage???? Men, they just do not understand !!!
I explained to him that I get great joy knitting for another knitter just for the plain fact that they appreciate the time and effort that goes into these things.( insert looong sigh here )
We are taking a day trip tomorrow ( sshhh...this trip is a secret between DH and myself ) and this will be a good project to begin on the long car drive, can't wait!

It's been quite a while

...since I have purchased some new yarns AND since I have last posted.
This is my crazy season at work & it just seems as though there is not even enough time to breathe let alone post.
But here I am!! I placed my first order with Knitpicks . I am most likely one of the few knitters who hasn't done so till now. I ordered their interchangable needles and some lovely colors of Shine. I was quite impressed! Most definately I will be ordering from them again. Although from the size of my stash I should NOT be ordering from anyone at any time...Someday I will post a photo of said stash...it will probaly take up at least 6 photos.