Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Wavy Ripple

Okay, so I have not crocheted in probably 20 years but when I caught wind of this I just had to pick up the hook again!!! Wow, check out all the photos on this *along*, some of the colors are just breathtaking.....geez, am I color impaired. I have always loved colors but have always had a difficult time with them, I just cannot in my mind put them together.
So out came my hooks and I have begun 2 Ripples. The one in the photo is a *regular* ripple and the photo of the yarns will be the wavy ripple ( I'm thinking I love these colors the best ).

While grazing thru all the new crochet books out there I came across this jacket that I just HAVE to make. To make it more appealing I already have the Kureyon in my stash. Boy, crochet has come a long way in the last 20 years!!! ( hoping you are reading this, Pat ;) )

The baby blanket has been gifted !!! Hurray, a finished object. I'd been beginning to get depress as I have had little time to 1) update my blog and 2) finish anything...I tend to get very edgy when I do not have enough time to knit!

Monday, March 19, 2007

One more point to go!

After a 5 month rest from dog showing Jeter was taken out again and picked up 2 more points. Only one more to go to finish his Championship! We're not in a hurry & I think we will wait 'till he & I can show outdoors.
Jeter ( aka, Lenny ) is a year and a half old.
Love my *boy* :))

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dearest Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
Excuse me, but, 'What The ____"!!!!
Wednesday I was cleaning up my gardens in a tee-shirt and today???? I mean come on give me a break!!! 10" already with another 10-15 tonight???? Wazzzup Mother Dearest, Nature????

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Non-knitting-- RANT

Thank goodness that Blogger & I have issues ! I just typed out a long message explained what happened today and got into detail of the lifelong, mind-games, relationship that my father plays to me. It felt really good to type it all out and get it off my chest, then I hit the wrong button and off in cyber-space it is floating!!! That is probably the best palce for it to be.
I will give you the condensed version of why I am fighting off tears all day today. My father called me this morning and as I was driving I could not get into more than just a few seconds of conversation. He called to tell me that he was in the attic today to check on something and he wanted to let me know ( because I had inquired ) that he had ( don't know when) given ( sold?) my wedding gown to the Thrift Shop in town and told them to "cut it up and sew it into something for the needy".... now, those of you who know him know that he loves to play mind games and when confronted he will say sweetly---who, me?? you're just to very sensitive. Don't get me wrong I have been enjoying having a relationship with him but he ALWAYS has to get his little digs in , kinda like holding a carrot in front of a jack-a**. Why would he not ask me if I wanted my wedding gown back if it was taking to much room in his attic...or could it be the fact that he cannot stand my husband ? What if one of my daughters wanted it for a wedding or wanted me to sew it into something for them or their children???? Now I will never have the chance as it is gone.
So, dear readers, do I call him tonight and let him know I am upset?? Do I ask him why he gave it away to a stranger and told them to cut it up??? Or do I just grit my teeth and tell myself I am being too sensitive.

Sunday, March 04, 2007