Thursday, July 27, 2006

Almost Finished!!!

Just a few points to go !

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

cone flowers & the butterfly

Just having a little play time with my camera this morning, thought I'd share!
Anyone know what kind of butterfly this is?

Monday, July 24, 2006

what I did on my summer vacation

Phil and I took 4 days and made a visit to my father. We did get some time to relax and enjoy the lake but it was mostly a work time. While Phil managed to put new seamless gutters on the house and replace the brown soffits with the new white, my father and I tackled his breezeway porch which has been collecting *garbage* for the last few years rendering it not very usable. We carted off to the dump old magazines, newspapers and many old televisions that he has not been able to get out due to his age....although at 85 he really is quite spry and doesn't look a day over 70.
We have been having trouble keeping him off of the roof, every time we go up he has a ladder up on the front of the house. The house has a new roof and Phil was just up there about 4 weeks ago to clean the gutters he has new seamless gutters on and I'll bet he will have that ladder up there again within a week trying to clean out the gutters!!! Maybe he is a little OCD, ya think.....
Also while there I surprised him with an early Christmas gift. I had a dish installed-photo above- so he doesn't have to suffer with one t.v. station anymore!!!

I managed to get in some knitting time. I began a new Irish Hiking scarf with Schaeffer yarns Marjaana which is silk/merino mix that is like butter to work with.

I also brought along some dishcloth patterns and completed two. One pattern was the dolphin from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL that was from early July.
The second cloth is a feather and fan pattern, it was so easy as I have done 2 or 3 F&F blankets and I think I can do them in my sleep at this point.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

30 Things About Me

1) My husband is my soul-mate
2) It has been a long haul, but I love my daughters with all my heart
3) The other man in my life is my 4 year old grandson
4) I miss my mother & sister everyday
5) I have reached the top of the ladder in my career, and now I am tired of working
6) I want to retire
7) I love a good German wine but I hate beer
8) I want to live on a farm and tend livestock and put-up jams and jellies
9) I want to see Alaska/the grand canyon/ and take the train ride across Canada
10) I am afraid of heights
11) I will not wait on a long line for anything...nothing is that important
12) Mentally I still feel in my 30's & get scared when I look in the mirror
13) I am not a church-goer but worship God everytime I see a butterfly or the wind blowing thru the trees
14) I am too complex
15) I would love to race a modified dirt car
16) I cannot accept the fact that my life is 3/4 of the way over-still too many things I want to do
17) I still cannot accept the fact that I have Lupus and RA
18) I want to be able to wean off all the drugs I have to take to function
19) I AM thankful that my health is better than some people
20) I have trouble dealing with the fact that I cannot do all the physical things I used to do and need to ask for help
21) I do not need friends around me all the time- I enjoy being alone
22) I will never be at my goal weight
23) I love chocolate--hence # 22
24) I would love to take my Corvette on the track just one time around
25) Hmmm. I would love to own a Viper or maybe just drive one once
26) I am tired of cooking dinners
27) I wish I had a higher IQ
28) I love to knit and collect fine yarns
29) My favorite song is It's A Wonderful World
30) I love Sushi

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

more FO's

It has been a busy few weeks & that is my excuse for not posting. We had another dog show weekend and I will be leaving again this weekend...this time to visit my father. We are going there to put new gutters and toppers on his house in an attempt to keep the 85 year old man from climbing up onto the roof to get the leaves out ;))) Don't know if it will keep him off as he is very determinded man...

I did though manage to finish and block my Irish Hiking scarf and a round dishcloth. I am hopeful to get some easy relaxing knitting in this coming weekend while I am away & will post some more detailed photos when I return the middle of next week.
On the dog show front Jeter obtained his last major win so he only has a few minor wins to complete his Championship...we are giving him -and me- a 4/5 week break right now for R & R . These photos are from his last wins the weekend before last. New photos of this weekend's win I will post when photo arrives. A BIG thank you to Alessandra for handling him to that win this weekend!!!