Monday, August 18, 2008

Slowly she grows

Getting ther slowly, but surely...
Thanks Gemma didn't know there was anyone around anymore.
Please know that soon I will have more knitting content, just been really busy .
I am having computer withdrawal big-time. Right now I have to travel 7 miles to the library to get WiFi connection...I do make the trip at least twice a week.
Not that I am retired I had my toe looked at by a podiatrist It had been bothering me for many years. Oldest daughter should be getting married next year ( Hi, Mandrs!) and I would really like to wear something other than Crocs to the wedding!! Well, I need a total joint replacment, but I suppose now is the time to do it, it will be great to wear normal shoes again! Maybe later this fall I'll have it done.
Youngest daughter has just recently had a puncture to her uterus! Man, what a jerk of a Dr. she has!!! She was in tears as she had to wean her baby well before she was ready as they had to put her on 2 weeks of strong antibiotics to ward off infection and possible hysterectomy...I am livid over this!
Other than all that all is well.
I have lost most e-mail addresses of personal friends/family....please contact me so I can get them into my new laptop!
p.s. I am not enjoying Vista.

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