Thursday, August 14, 2008

No photos today

I did finish reading Edgar Sawtelle last night. I think it was the best read in a loooong time!
Without giving the end away for anyone, I can say that I cried for the entire last chapter and for about 30 minutes afterwards ( I know I am a sentimental person).

I did find a great knitting group that meets on Tuesday nights! Had great fun, AND they were serving wine! Wow, GREAT knitting group :)))) Maybe I can take some photos next meeting!

House is coming along quickly ( please hurry, I need my own space ). The outside siding was completed today, painter is coming mon-wed next week to put final paint on outside. Sat/Sun they are begining the sheet rock, they septic is done and awaiting inspection. Pictures to follow ( I know, most people are not interested ). The house is exceeding my expectations!

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gemma said...

Hi Babette,
I'm interested, in fact fascinated to watch someone build their dream home. One day it will be me too. Wishing you both a joyful retirement (?)!