Monday, July 21, 2008

one down, one to go

With all the hum-bug of selling home/business my reading this year has really been poor. No time, less energy. I still try to get in at least 45 minutes every night when I hit bed, but lately husband has been coming in and waking me up to tell me to put book away 'you're sleep-reading again!'
I did finally just finished The Shack. I was hoping it was the ultimate 'Man-meets-God" read. It kept my interest right until the end...then, disappointing ending...It was actually a 'power-of-the-human-mind'. I suppose I was still looking for answers to my never ending questions on the hereafter and ultimately I am right back to square one... I have never been one for formal religion, I do talk to God almost every day but there is always that lingering question in mind....'are you really there?' My philosophy has always been that your 'spirit/soul' or what lives on after your demise is the power of all the good you did and all the love you have left behind while here on earth. But now I am getting deep and that is dangerous and I could go on and on so I will end it here.. But all in all, I DID enjoy the book & I suppose I should not have been unexpecting of the ending.
The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle I just began last night. I bought this book a while ago on a friend's recommendation and had to search around a bit for it. Now I see it everywhere, I guess it is the next 'big-read' on the market.

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