Thursday, July 17, 2008

countdown move

11 more days!!!!
It seems as though all I have been doing is boxing and dumping, it is getting old quick. Today I have a moving company coming to give me an estimate, any price at all seems good to me. As you can see house and barn are not ready but as we have to be out it will have to do. Good thing it is summertime! I have to stay behind for 5 days to help the new owners and will spend those nights with daughter #2 and her family. It will be good to do some bonding with our 2 grandsons 'cuz they will no longer be 20 minutes away.
I am really excited to move on & a little sad that I cannot be up at the new place to help with the process,but as you can see husband brings me home photos every weekend.
The *fun* part of our move is the animals that will have to travel with us to their new home...I'm talkin' parrot, 30+ pigeons, 6 rabbits, and 5 dogs!! Should be interesting.

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